Lovingsoulreadings  is one of the most...intuitive readers that I have ever had.  She has the ability to go in an feel a situation...and all the players involved.  She sees what is really going on with such clarity it amazed me.  As I was struggling through a very personal time .Lovingsoulreadings...saw with great accuracy how that situation would resolve itself and instructed me as to how it would all come about.  Anyone who gets a reading from her is in for a very fortunate experience ....of having a true and talented reader reveal truths that they would otherwise be hard pressed to find.

You were so right about what you told me the other day. I even got a letter from Tylor on Monday telling me how much he missed me and loved me and that we would get thru everything together. 

Thanks so much for your help.  You really are a gifted person.



I just wanted to thank you again and let u know I really enjoyed the reading......u were very accurate and caring....u even knew what I was going to say before I said it....I definitely will get another reading!!!!!.......thank you again...Darlene

Hello my name is Jessica and I just read your web page and I love it. It made me feel good. I have always love gifts people have and I know I have some that I don't understand and I can never get help with it and I would like to know? if you know where I could look for help. I always what to know if I would be a good person to be read for.  I just paid $50.00 to someone and when it was over all I c old do is ask myself why? I do know one thing I'm a feeler. The things I feel I just can't understand. Sorry for taking up your time. I had to write you and tell you that you blessed!

Thank u

After consulting all of my friends, family and loved ones about a romantic let down  Lovingsoulreadings is the only one that understood the situation and gave me realistic advise that really lifted my soul. I have been hurting over this issue for 4 weeks and counting.

After my reading, I cried tears of refreshment because I was assured that this was not my fault and I had no reason to be feel such guilt.
Thanks to Lovingsoulreadings I have started to heal.


Thank you so much for your help and guidance.  You were right about everything, lst of all I wanted to tell you that, you made me feel so relaxed before our reading began.  I really felt connected w/ you from the start.  I wanted to know how my boss at work really felt about me.  I am very attracted to him and didn't know how he felt towards me.  Things that she told me about him were so true that I couldn't believe her at lst till things started to happen one by one and she gave me a time limit... and would you believe that she told me that he would kiss me in 2 months and it really did happen?? I froze.... couldn't believe it really came true.....I had another reading from her shortly and... guess what???? again she was right.... People say that they are 97% correct.. but in my eyes, she is 110% correct.  Lovingsoulreadings is not only someone to just help and guide you thru life.. but she is also a good friend too... she really cares about people and I really love her for that :) I will always be very grateful to her... I promise you that you will really enjoy a reading from her, she is very honest and will not hold back from telling you anything she may see..... Lovingsoulreadings, I'm so glad I've met you, I know you will be the one to read me for life... Thanks again... I Love You


I had a reading from Lovingsoulreadings, and at first, I thought she was totally off.  Everything that she was saying about my boyfriend sounded so out of character for him, that I thought for sure she must be wrong.  But then, just a little while later, everything that she'd said did happen.......he acted exactly the way she'd described, and I had to write her back to apologize for doubting her.  The best part was that she didn't gloat about being right, she apologized back, because she knew I had been very hurt.  Thank you so much for all your insight and your kindness.  It will always be appreciated.


I was hesitant to obtain a reading via online but decided to give it a chance.  Lovingsoulreadings was very accurate regarding my life issues, both present and past.  She took her time to give me an accurate reading.  She was very descriptive regarding issues and situations, and gave me a positive outlook on who I am and where my life was going.  After my reading, I felt very uplifted and relaxed.  I would not hesitate to recommend lovingsoulreadings to my friends or to others online. Regards - David 

Thank you so much for helping us Lovingsoulreadings.  You have made us see clearly. We are both really grateful and we both believe that you are gifted. Thanks again

Lovingsoulreadings gave me a great reading!!  It hit right on the money and I couldn't believe when what she said would happen, started happening the very next day.  She is truly a gifted person and she knows what she is talking about.  I would recommend her to anybody who wants an honest, precise, and enlightening reading!!
Thanks Lovingsoulreadings!!

Hello Everyone,
My name is Donna , I had a reading from Lovingsoulreadings,, She had give me a reading that blew me away , my hub is dieing , I have 3 children , I felt like I was losing my mind,, when I went into the room , Well I did not ask for a reading she asked me if she could do a reading for me ,,,,, Well now I have hope and faith and feel strong enough to go on ,,,,,, I could never thank her enough for all of her help and will always be grateful.
Please if you need help hope and faith , and need to hold onto something she will show you the way,, I will always be grateful to Lovingsoulreadings


I am and was very impressed with Lovingsoulreadings... Her energies, her demeanor was very caring, very professional and she made me feel very at ease before my reading began..  she touched on alot of things about my question and we were able to discuss them as we went, which really helped me to ease some of my anxieties and questions.. 

I would recommend her services to others... she is a blessing..

Much thanks and Love and Light be with you..

Great reader.  It was a real pleasure spending time and letting Lovingsoulreadings enter my life.  Excellent listener,  I would highly recommend her to anyone.



Hi Soul,
Yes I enjoy the reading that u give me, I know and I hope it will come true I really love this guy he is my inspiration right now, You are excellent reader, and don't worry I am giving your sn to all my friends I wish I can help u more as u help me to follow my guidance this the only thing I can repay u back is to help u with my friends thank you so much last nite......
Emma and more Blessing to you

Hi everyone!                                                  
    Just wanted others to know how great Lovingsoulreadings is!!!   She really made feel very comfortable talking about my personal issues that are happening.   So, far in one day I have had positive affirmation that certain things are happening for me!!!  And they are wonderful!  I can't wait for the rest, as I am sure they will.Lovingsoulreadings  is a very caring lady and mother.  She gives 100% to her readies even with her busy schedule. Lovingsoulreadings truly touches your heart.   I really feel you will enjoy your visit and reading with her.


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